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Interested in Becoming a Driver?



Drivers volunteer their time.  
We reimburse our drivers for their vehicle use per mile
based on a sliding scale which follows the price of gas.  
If gas is selling at $3.50 a gallon, then we reimburse our drivers $.42 per mile.  
As gas prices rise or fall a dime, our rate goes up or down a penny.  

Miles are reimbursed, round-trip beginning and ending at your driveway. 
Generally, if drivers get any kind of reasonable gas mileage with their vehicles, 
they will spend about one third of the reimbursement on fuel
and the rest of the reimbursement goes in their pocket.  
For example:  a trip of 85 miles would be reimbursed at $.42/mi. totaling $35.70.  
One third of that is gas ($11.90) and two thirds of it is $23.80.

There are no special insurances required.  
This is fundamentally just a "good neighbor" service.  
We expect our drivers to be "presentable", courteous
and their vehicles legal, neat and clean. 
Generally reimbursements are mailed out promptly
within the week following any month
as long as we have the paperwork.
They can be mailed out more frequently if necessary. 

If you are interested in driving,
please give us a call at